Investor Counsel LLC

Do your current investments give you great confidence that upon retirement you will be able to sustain your desired lifestyle?

Are investment choices before you so numerous that you delay decisions and feel frustration?

It’s important you give this question thorough consideration.

Now, here are a few notes I believe you’ll appreciate knowing.

  • I am legally obligated, as your fiduciary, to always act in your best interest under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.
  • Fee-based management means objective management. I will have no incentive to trade the assets of your account to collect commissions.
  • Investment outcomes are not possible to manage. I manage investor outcomes.
  • Investor behavior—is the chief reason for poor investor performance.
  • Investor behavior—is the chief reason for good investor outcome.
  • Understanding of investment philosophy, investment strategy and client objectives, must be reached between us, client and the adviser. We then proceed to implement a plan, reviewed at a minimum annually, that is an agreement.

Here is how we create your investment portfolio: We look at the long-term historical returns of various asset classes. We then chose assets that in the long term have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to accrue value sufficient for client objectives. Special attention is paid to the effects of inflation.

  • Planning must be long term, encompassing entire lives, even generations. We must not allow ourselves to be caught up in momentary considerations. To succeed we must rise above panics and the short term. Bear markets are inevitable and will be anticipated.
  • There are six behaviors to live by. There are eight behaviors we must always reject.

Bear markets must be exploited equally with bull markets.

I pledge to you a relationship of integrity, clear-eyed vision and respect.

I would greatly enjoy hearing from you.

Bill Prindle

Investor Counsel